Songs of Love concert at the Grosvenor Chapel

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L to R: Dimitris Kraniotis (Ark4Art), Dr.Evelyn Stefanaki, Kostas Georgiadis and Chrisanthy P. Lemos

Chrisanthy P. Lemos, Dr. Evelyn Stefanaki,  Dimitris Kraniotis and the charitable foundation Chance for Life, organised a musical journey into the romantic melodies of the beginning of the previous century, on the evening of the 13th of March, in the premises of the solemn and imposing Grosvenor Chapel of South Audley Street in London’s Mayfair.

Oleg Pogudin, one of the most iconic Russian interpreters and leading performers of the 19th century romances and lyrical songs gave a single concert with his Songs of Love programme accompanied by Oleg Vainshtein on the piano and  Kostas Georgiadis on the guitar.

Born and educated in St. Petersburg, he is rightfully known as the “Silver Voice of Russia”. His voice is warm, clear and soulful. Oleg is a versatile singer: his repertoire ranges across the genres of Russian town and classic romances, European arias from operas, operettas and musicals, folk songs, guitar compositions and even some 20th century ballads. It will not be an exaggeration, though, to call him an ambassador of Russian 19th and early 20th century culture.

Pogudin’s performance geography stretches across three continents and he sings in many European languages. In the artist’s opinion, “in difficult times of complicated relationships between nations and countries,  culture is something resembling a magic wand: cultural events unite people, and help defuse the situation.”

Oleg Pogudin and Kostas Georgiadis performing


The singer earned many national awards, prizes and honorary titles, among which are the “Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation” and “People’s Artist of Russia”.

His debut in London was an act of noble charity: all the proceeds from the concert went to medical treatments for 2 year-old Samir Shafigullin, who is looked after by Life Line charity .

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